Kim Kardashian West is reportedly “furious” at her husband Kanye West for talking about their daughter North West at his recent campaign rally. West revealed that the couple considered getting an abortion after Kardashian West found out she was pregnant with North in 2013 when they were dating.

A source told People, “Kim is shocked that Kanye spoke about North at the rally. She is furious that he shared something so private.”

At the rally, West sobbed when retelling the story of the moment he found out Kardashian West was pregnant with North.

“In the Bible, it says, ‘Thou shall not kill,’” West said. “I remember that my girlfriend called me screaming and crying, and I was just thinking, because at that time I was a rapper I was out there, [had] different girlfriends and everything … and she said, ‘I’m pregnant.’ And I said, ‘Yes!’ And then I said, ‘Uh oh.’”

West continued saying, “She was crying … and for one month and two months and three months, we talked about her not having this child. She had the pills in her hand.”

West said God sent him a message to keep the child.

“I called my wife and she said, ‘We’re gonna have this baby,’ and I said ‘We’re gonna have this child,’” he said.

The sourced added that Kardashian West is most concerned about how her husband bringing their private life into the spotlight will affect their four children.

“She loves her kids tremendously and wants to protect them. Her favorite thing in the world is being a mom,” the source continued.

Another source opened up to People and explained that the couple’s relationship has recently gone downhill due to West’s behavior.

Earlier this month West announced his intention to run for president. That announcement coupled with his recent behavior has many in his inner circle worried about his mental health.

“Kanye has been doing well for a long time. In the past, he has suffered both manic and depressive episodes related to his bipolar disorder. Right now, he is struggling again,” a source told People.

West was hospitalized in November 2016 for a “psychiatric emergency” and he was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2018. Both the rapper and his wife have confirmed his diagnosis in previous interviews.

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