Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to post beautiful photos of herself and her sister Kylie Jenner in matching bikinis.

An unexpecting event took place this weekend, as Kim and Kylie took to Instagram to share sexy photos of them chilling by the poolside.

Kim and Kylie teamed up to give us not one but two Kardashian-Jenner women posing in tiny black bikinis.


Kim posted four pictures of her and Kylie enjoying the poolside during sunset. They were both dressed in tiny black bikinis as their long dark hair reached their backside.

They struck poses on a pool chair, playing with their hair and showing off their curves.

In the photos, Kylie is seen looking at the camera as Kim plays with her hair, in another photo, they both stare into the sky.

Kim captioned the post, “Twin Souls @kyliejenner.”

Kylie then commented, “I love youuuuuuu.”

The sisters shared a bonding moment, just days after Kylie talked to Vanity Fair Italia about who her favorite sister was at the moment.

Kylie said that she and Kim have been getting closer since they have been experiencing a lot of the same problems. Both sisters have gone through very public breakups of late.