Kim Kardashian, along with the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, vacationed in Thailand last week – a hard thing to miss considering the group’s fondness for social media. However, not all of Kim’s pics were authentic, and one wasn’t even in Thailand.

Kim Kardasian's Fake Instagram Pics

In one image, which Kardashian captioned, “Thank you for the beautiful memories Thailand,” a small boat rests in impossibly blue waters right near the shore. In the background, jagged rocks covered in greenery reach towards the clouds. This wasn’t a bit of genius photography by the middle Kardashian sister; it was the result of an opportunistic Google search for “Thailand beach.”

A couple of days later, Kardashian captioned a photo of cherry blossom’s “#Heaven.” It’s another almost impossibly beautiful photograph that Kanye West’s fiancé tried to pass of as her own. In reality, the picture isn’t even of Thailand. The cherry blossoms are in Japan.

Perhaps Kardashian decided to leave the picture-taking to the professionals after her rather epic selfie fail on her Asian vacation. On March 28, she’d attempted to take a selfie with an elephant, who apparently wasn’t too keen on having its picture taken. As she smiled for the camera, the elephant raised its trunk and blew air out of it into the reality TV star's hair, which led to her running away in fear.

A couple days after the elephant incident, Kardashian took a break from the sightseeing for a photo shoot on the beach in a thong bikini, showing off her famous curves.

– Chelsea Regan

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