Kim Kardashian has made a name for herself as an international sex-symbol since her foray into reality television, but the Armenian-American bombshell admitted that she’s doing it for a greater cause – to help change the standards of beauty. Kim famously posed for Playboy in the 2007 "Celebrity Issue" while filming the first season of her E! reality show and despite reports of the contrary, she says she has no qualms about it. "It is nothing that I regret – being on the front of Playboy is very iconic," Kim told Allure magazine. “I was like, ‘Okay, I’m proud to do this and to show people that I don’t have to be stick-skinny to be looked at as a sex symbol,’ and to me that’s not what is attractive anyway."

But while she’s okay with the photos, her notorious sex tape is more of a touchy subject. Kim admitted that the whole ordeal was "not my most proud moment, it was humiliating. But now, let’s move on. Not that I think it’s no one’s business, but I think I’ve done a good job with replacing negative things with positive things." Kim also opened up about her childhood to the magazine, revealing that she was brought up in a pretty religious household. "All the books we read before bed were, like, Bible-study books. Or little tales, like Samson and Delilah with cartoons. And my mom would have Bible study at the house with her girlfriends." –ELENA COX


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