Kim Kardashian, 39, graced Instagram with a photo of her in this year’s Halloween costume. The socialite dressed up as Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon) and donned a blonde wig, pink shades and a puffy pink pen. She even topped off her pink, silky look with a dog by her side in a jewel-covered handbag.

It is not that surprising that the reality TV star chose this get-up for the holiday. Kardashian is no stranger to the criminal justice system. Her father Rob Kardashian was an attorney who defended O.J. Simpson in his notorious case; and she has decided to follow in his footsteps by pursuing a career in law. She plans on taking the bar exam in California in the year 2022, as the state permits citizens without a law degree to take the bar exam.

Kardashian has most recently and actively expressed her interest in law when she visited the Oval Office to advocate for 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who was charged with a nonviolent drug crime and sentenced to prison for life.


Luckily, after Kardashian’s meeting with President Trump, Johnson was granted clemency.

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Legally Blonde

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Similar to Kardashian, Elle Woods is a lawyer on a mission to get a promotion and gain rights for those individuals without them.

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