The unofficial spokesman of Kim Jong-un, Executive Director of The Centre for North Korea-US Peace Kim Myong-chol, revealed that Kim Jong-un would likely see Seth Rogen and James Franco’s next film, The Interview.

Kim Jong-un To Watch The Interview

In The Interview, Franco and Rogen play a talk show host and a producer, respectively, who land an interview with Kim Jong-un and are tapped by the CIA to assassinate the North Korean dictator. Actor Randall Park (Neighbors, Veep) dons heavy make-up and costume to portray Kim Jung-un in the outrageous action-comedy.

Despite the film’s somewhat offensive subject matter, Kim Myong-chol told The Telegraph that his leader would, most likely, watch the film, though he was also quick to mock The Interview.

“There is a special irony in this storyline as it shows the desperation of the US government and American society,” Kim Myong-chol said.

Kim Myong-chol went on to blast the US for its history of assassinating foreign leaders, even going so far as to jokingly (perhaps) warn President Barack Obama to watch out for a military coup. “A film about the assassination of a foreign leader mirrors what the US has done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. And let us not forget who killed [President John F.] Kennedy – Americans. In fact, President Obama should be careful in case the US military wants to kill him as well.”

All in all, Kim Myong-chol said he preferred classic James Bond films to Hollywood movies, which he described as “full of assassinations and executions.” That said, the Bond movie Die Another Day (2002) features North Korean villains and was denounced by the state as “dirty and cursed.”

For his part, co-writer and co-director Rogen is not worried about how Kim Jong-un will receive the film, tweeting, “Apparently Kim Jong Un plans on watching #TheInterview. I hope he likes it!!

Casting North Korea as the enemy country in American film has recently become a trend (Team America, Olympus Has Fallen), with Red Dawn (2012) going so far as to change their villain from China to North Korea in post-production.

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