Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos, who starred together in The Killing, are reuniting for a new Amazon series called Hanna.


The casting comes just after Kinnaman’s one-year deal to star in Netflix’s Altered Carbon. He will likely not return for a second season, if there is one. “Very excited about this project and this reunion!” Kinnaman wrote on Instagram about the new series with Enos.

Very excited about this project and this reunion!

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Amazon has chosen to adapt Hanna with Esme Creed-Miles in the title role. The television show is based on Joe Wright‘s 2011 film of the same name that starred Saoirse Ronan. It is a coming-of-age story as well as a thriller, as it follows a young girl as she avoids an off-book CIA operative and tries to discover who she really is.

Enos will portray Marissa, the ruthless CIA agent, while Kinnaman will play Erik, Hanna’s father. Erik is a hardened mercenary who has raised his daughter for the past 15 years in the isolated forests of northern Poland. While his aim was to teach her survival skills and keep her safe, the angsty teen seeks freedom and to find out her true identity.

“I’m thrilled that Hanna has managed to attract a visionary director and actors of the caliber of Mireille and Joel to play our adult leads. And in Esme Creed-Miles I believe we have discovered a star of the future — she is going to be a very special Hanna,” said David Farr, co-writer of the original film, to The Hollywood Reporter. “Hanna aims to be both a raw-knuckle ride and a deeply touching family drama. It has the visceral excitement of a genuine conspiracy thriller but also the simple humanity of a rites of passage drama. Hanna is in a very unusual family. She’s a very special teenager. But all teenagers think they’re abnormal. She’s just a little more abnormal than most.”

Author Wright will not be involved in the series. Sarah Adina Smith will direct the pilot and JoAnn Alfano will serve as the executive producer for NBCUniversal alongside Andrew Woodhead for Working Title Television.

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