Bow Wow took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out an ex that tried to throw eggs on his Rolls Royce — the culprit is allegedly Keyshia Cole.

Keyshia Cole Allegedly Egged Bow Wow’s Car

“So one of my exes decides to drive by on some thin line between love and hate *** throw a cake on the rolls,” Bow Wow tweeted. “Only thing is thats not my car.”

The rapper made it clear that he would find out who is behind the egging by checking out his cameras.

“But we looking at the camera footage and see exactly who it was,” Bow Wow wrote. “It’s flattering…Just know this…We on your bumper.”

The accusations were leveled at Cole when Bow Wow’s friend WackStar posted a photo of the egged car to Instagram and directly addressed the singer.

“@keyshiacole check this out blood i don’t got nothing to do wit what ever you got going on 4 you to egg my car, keep me out the bulls**t,” he wrote.

Bow Wow and WackStar’s posts come a few days after Cole posted a few mysterious tweets herself.

“Then n—ggas wonder why they get f—ked up,” Cole tweeted. “Stop playin with me. ASAP!!”

Cole reportedly denies having anything to do with the egging.

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