Actor Anthony Rapp and another plaintiff identified only as C.D. are suing Kevin Spacey for alleged sexual assault against them in the 80s, when the two were 14 years old.

Court documents filed to the New York Supreme Court reaffirm Rapp’s 2017 accusations against Spacey, which describe an incident of sexual assault that Spacey claims he does not recall. Rapp says that Spacey grabbed his buttocks and laid on top of him in bed at a party, and that he was able to escape by fleeing to the bathroom and making his way out of the apartment.

The filing lists sexual assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress as Spacey’s alleged crimes. It states, “Anthony Rapp sustained psychological injuries, including but not limited to, severe emotional distress, humiliation, fright, anger, depression, and anxiety; a severe shock to his nervous system; and has been caused to suffer mental anguish, emotional and psychological damage as a result thereof, and, upon information and belief, some or all of these injuries are of a permanent and lasting nature.”

The lawsuit states that C.D., the other plaintiff, was also sexually abused by Spacey at age 14. C.D. claims that Spacey invited him to his home and had him perform anal and oral sex acts on the actor. This allegedly continued until Spacey attempted to perform anal sex on him to which C.D. said no and fled the apartment. Just like Rapp, C.D. also cites psychological damage and emotional distress caused by Spacey’s actions.

Since’s Rapp’s first accusations in 2017, Spacey has faced many more in London, as well as Nantucket, Mass. and Los Angeles. The accuser in Nantucket later invoked his Fifth Amendment right not to testify and the case was dropped. The accuser in Los Angeles died of natural causes and his case was dropped, as well.

When Rapp first made his claims against Spacey three years ago, the actor apologized to Rapp, stated he did not recall the incident and came out as gay all in the same statement. “If I did behave as he describes, I owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior,” the actor said. Spacey fell under major fire, especially from the LGBT community, for the statement.

Spacey has 20 days to respond to the new court filings.

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