Kevin Hart and Ice Cube helped Conan O’Brien give Conan staffer Diana Chang a driving lesson during Tuesday night’s episode of the late night talk show.

‘Ride Along’ Driving Lesson

Hart and Ice Cube, who were appearing on Conan to promote Ride Along 2, hopped into the backseat of the “Student Driver” labeled vehicle. “Okay rule No. 1: Don’t f–k this up!” Hart shouted at Chang upon entering the vehicle. However, Ice Cube pointed out that Hart was already failing as a passenger since he’d neglected to put on his seatbelt.

“Tupac was one of the biggest thugs I know, and he always wore his seatbelt,” Cube lectured his costar.

As the lesson continued, Hart instructed Chang to toss pennies out of the window at those who’d cut her off. She couldn’t bring herself to actually hit anyone with a penny – let alone the batteries that Ice Cube had suggested.

When Hart and Ice Cube weren’t offering Chang advice, they were laying into O’Brien about his outfit, which they said made him look like a “nighttime walker.”

“How did us teaching how to drive turn me into a male prostitute?” O’Brien asked, perplexed.

O’Brien eventually led the group to a marijuana dispensary, where he filled up a car-shaped piñata – which he’d picked up during a previous stop – with pot. With O’Brien now in the driver’s seat, Hart, Ice Cube and Chang smoked the merchandise. The group then feared getting into some trouble when O’Brien blocked a crosswalk drawing the attention of a cop.

“Here’s a good thing about me,” Hart said, trying to charm the officer. “I’m a Christian.” It worked, and the cop let them go on their merry way – to Popeye’s.

Ride Along 2 hits theaters Jan. 15.

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