After “Free the Nipple,” Kevin Bacon has launched the “Free the Bacon” campaign in a recent video he posted online. Bacon is asking for gender equality in movies and TV shows, arguing that there are not enough men naked on screen. Oh, in case you didn’t get it, by “Free the Bacon,” he means the actors’ “wiener, balls and butt.”

“You got three sex scenes an episode, how hard woult it be to just show one or two wieners every couple of minutes?” he asked the Game of Thrones’ directors. “This is an issue of gender equality. Let me be on the show. Come on, I’ll play a naked wizard or something,” he said.

Kevin Bacon Wants More Male Nudity On TV

The video raises a serious topic at the same time. It’s true that we almost never see men naked on screen. “In so many films and TV shows, we see gratuitous female nudity, and that’s not ok… It’s ok, but it’s not fair to actresses and it’s not fair to actors,” Bacon continued. “We want to be naked too.”

Bacon also highlighted that he’s already been naked in some of his movies, like Wild Things for example. “I was super naked there, it was awesome.” He then appears to consider his nudity as an advantage for a movie he’s acting in. “Why not let Jamie Dornan take off his pants?” he asked referring to the lead actor in Fifty Shades of Grey. “Or better yet, why not let me play Christian Grey?”

He even gave Marvel ideas for their next movie. “Hey Marvel, I have an idea for a superhero, it’s me, and guess what, I have an infinity stone on the tip of my wiener,” he said.

Bacon will star next in the movies Black Mass (2015) and 6 Miranda Drive by Peter Taylor, set to hit the theaters in 2016.

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