The two-time nominated singer Kesha walked the Grammy red carpet wearing a hip blue suit that had a personal touch to it.

Kesha has been known to sport the rock-hippie look following the release of her new album Rainbow back in August 2017, and her red carpet look did not disappoint. She wore a royal blue pantsuit emblazoned with white detailing with a cream silk blouse. The lapels on her suit even had embroidered white roses on it, which were a nod to the #MeToo movement, a movement that is close to Kesha.

However, that is not the only reason why the suit is special. The suit was made and worn by Nudie Cohn, a tailor popular for his decorative rhinestone-covered suits, which are also known as “Nudie Suits.” But not only was it designed by him, Kesha also explains that it was worn by Cohn when he walked his granddaughter down the aisle on her wedding day. On her Instagram posts she explains, “No one has ever worn the suit before besides him. Thank you, this means so much to me!”

To accessorize her look, Kesha wore several different pieces of jewelry that went along her hippie attire. She wore multiple rings the “Love Flower” double finger ring by Roberto Bravo, a large COOMI emerald ring and gold “Violetta” ring by L’Dezen. She also wore Gallup cuffs by Bow & Arrow NYC and pearl drop earrings by ROSEARK.

She completed her look with sparkling silver boots. Shop for similar style boots.

The singer wore her blonde hair in natural waves that framed her face and natural make-up to match.

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