Kendra Wilkinson is looking to split from her husband of five years, Hank Baskett and has reportedly begun meeting with divorce lawyers.

Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett Headed For Divorce?

“She definitely had conversations with divorce lawyers about everything from finances to custody. It’s just a matter of time,” a source revealed to People.

Wilkinson, 29, reportedly began looking into the possibility of a divorce after discovering Baskett, 31, had been unfaithful. In late June and early July, barely one month after Wilkinson gave birth to their second child, reports began circulating that Baskett had cheated on his wife with transgender model, Ava Sabrina London, while Wilkinson was pregnant.

After the rumors began, Wilkinson was photographed without her wedding ring, sparking speculation that she was gearing up for a divorce from her allegedly cheating husband. And, while neither party has officially commented on Baskett’s alleged tryst, or any intention to separate, the usually public couple have been suspiciously absent from social media since the end of June, when the rumors went viral.

In one of her last Instagram posts, Wilkinson wrote a touching note to her husband for Father’s Day, saying, “Our babies couldn’t be in better hands. He is what every man should dream to be. Period.”

All signs may be pointing to a divorce, but the couple still resides together in their LA home. Wilkinson, sources reveal, wants to take her time to figure out what is best for their two young children, Hank IV, 4, and Alijah Mary, three months.

“She tries to keep things light for them [her children]. She wants to make the healthiest decision possible,” a source told People.

Kendra Wilkinson Meeting With Divorce Lawyers

Wilkinson is reportedly devastated, and sources say there doesn't appear to be hope for reconciliation.

“She has been asking for advice on the best way to go through with the divorce. Between the children and joint finances, she feels like it’s a no-win situation. She wants to leave Hank. She can’t forgive him for what he did. Untangling their marriage is a huge headache and she’s heartbroken about it,” a source told E! News

However, a different source reportedly told E! News that a divorce is still a ways off, and the couple is still struggling to decide how to proceed. Adding to the difficult situation is the fact that the family is still filming their reality show, Kendra on Top for WeTV.

“One day, everything is totally fine, but then the next day not so much… There’s no rush to split up because they still have the show to do and because of that they’re in business together,” said the source.

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