Former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson, 32, is reportedly ready to split from her husband Hank Baskett, 35, after almost eight years of marriage.

She posted a series of black-and-white melancholy posts on her Instagram story on Sunday. One picture read, “Life isn’t making any sense to me right now. Sorry I’ve been MIA.” Another read, “I need to love myself again and I will. Life is too precious.” On Tuesday, she posted a photo of herself in front of a mirror without her wedding ring with a little smile, the caption read, “I’m proud of myself.”
A source close to Wilkinson told People, the couple have been having problems recently “especially over the last three to six months… She’s always been someone who wanted to be fully committed, married forever, and was definitely a ‘I’ll never get a divorce’ kind of girl,’ ” the source said of Wilkinson. “She really lost trust in her marriage and she’s realized there’s no turning back.”

Wilkinson admitted in February that she was having “marital problems” with Baskett. In 2014, Baskett allegedly had an affair with a transgender model while Wilkinson was eight months pregnant. Even though they stay together after the alleged cheating the source said that she “is not happy” and “hasn’t been able to trust him.”

When the couple had a long distance relationship while Wilkinson was in Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man, the reality star described it to E! News as “a detox.” The source said since she was in Vegas “they’ve grown further and further apart” and even though they visited each other during that time “it was really hard on them.”

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The source said the pair still talk to each other but it’s for the sake of their children. The couple share two children Hank IV, 8, and Alijah, 3. “It’s really important to both of them that they don’t traumatize the kids,” the source said. “They’re going to try their best to have a graceful separation.”

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