Kendall Schmidt, frontman of Big Time Rush, recently released a new album with his band Heffron Drive. Responding to questions his fans asked through Uinterview’s new Facebook video app, Schmidt talked about Heffron Drive’s unique sound and what goes into writing a song.

Kendall Schmidt Exclusive

With their new music, Heffron Drive has steered away somewhat from their acoustic routes, achieving a more electronic sound. Schmidt hopes that the band is coming into its own, with a blend of different sensibilities.

“The new Heffron Drive music is, definitely, electronic. But I’m trying to keep it having acoustic elements, just because that’s where my love of music started,” Schmidt told uInterview exclusively. “It’s kind of difficult to find a mix, but I’m working on it, and I think it’s gonna end up having a cohesive sound that you, that I’m gonna be able to call my own.”

Since Heffron Drive’s new music is indisputably influenced by EDM, it should come as no surprise that Zedd is on the top of Schmidt’s list of producers he’d like to have reimagined one of the band’s songs – possibly their new track “Parallel.”

“Zedd would be really cool to cover a Heffron Drive song, but it wouldn’t be a cover,” Schmidt said, responding to a uInterview user. “It’d be more of an interpretation I think because he wouldn’t be singing it or anything like that. He’d be doing an electronic version… Yeah, that’d be kind of cool.”

Writing Heffron Drive Songs

Schmidt reveals that romantic relationships and stories of friends often serve as inspiration for his songs. However, some songs that he loves came about through a more extemporaneous process.

“Sometimes you can show up to the session with an idea already in your head. Some people have listed on their phones of song titles, like whole lists of song titles that they have that they think about throughout the day,” explained Schmidt. “Sometimes it’s just spontaneous, at the moment, when you get there. There have been a couple of songs that I really love that are just like that, where it sorta just happened in the moment and you run with it.”

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As Schmidt continues to work towards getting “Parallel” some more airplay on the radio, he’s also working out the details of shooting a music video for the song.

Heffron Drive wrapped up its winter tour in December and has yet to announce any future concert dates.

– Chelsea Regan

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