Kendall Jenner has addressed accusations that she Photoshopped a recent swimwear photo on her Instagram.

Last Saturday, Jenner, 27, posted a bikini shot of herself squatting in front of a coastal landscape.

In the picture, she holds herself up in a crouching position with the fingertips of her right hand.

Her hand and fingers appear abnormally long, fueling fan speculation about Photoshop.

In the comments section, one follower wrote, “I’m screaming please look at her giant hand,” while some other fans posted alien emojis.


To finally put an end to the commotion, the model showed fans her long hand and fingers on her friend Hailey Bieber‘s Instagram story on Wednesday.

In the video, Bieber said, “While you’re sitting here analyzing, look how bizarre her hand looks normally. This is live. Live footage of the hand.”

Jenner has always been comfortable posting nude pictures of herself on social media. Last April, she posed topless by the pool with a bottle of 818 Tequila, her liquor brand.

On a September 2022 episode of Vogue‘s Life in Looks series, Jenner shared her thoughts on publicly showing off her body.

She talked about a Fall 2014 show where she wore a nipple-baring top for Marc Jacobs.

“I’m all good with the nipple so it didn’t make me any more nervous,” Jenner said. “I genuinely was like, ‘Dope — whatever they want.'”

Jenner broke up with boyfriend Devin Booker last summer.

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