A sketch from Saturday Night Live over the weekend poked fun at Bill Cosby now that the disgraced 81-year-old comedian is in jail for sexual assault.

Kenan Thompson played Cosby, who was sentenced and labelled a “sexually violent predator” last month. The skit showed a recently arrived prisoner, played by host and former cast member Seth Meyers, adjusting to sharing a cell with Cosby.

“Wow Bill Cosby, on behalf of every one of your fans it is so disappointing to be meeting you now,” says Meyers.

“What? I am in my prime. I’m in jail and loving it,” Thompson replies. “No kids with the darndest things, limited interaction with Camille (Cosby’s wife) and when I was fighting incarceration, I had no idea that one of the staple foods of the prison system is Jell-O!” (a reference to one of the foods Cosby’s character on The Cosby Show Cliff Huxtable famously loved.

“Wow, you are just like Cliff Huxtable except in one major way,” Meyers adds after learning about all of Cosby’s prison shenanigans.

Cosby’s near-blindness was also mocked in the sketch.


“I got Woody Allen to drive the getaway car. Between the two of us, we got one working eyeball,” says Thompson’s Cosby.

“How come every time I try to mentor someone, it ends up turning on me?” Thompson’s Cosby also asks at one point. The comedian famously mentored many young actresses and models but then eventually sexually abused them.

Thompson has played Cosby on SNL several times before, including in the series’ 40th anniversary special show. He has also portrayed other controversial black celebrities like O.J. Simpson.

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