Kelsey Grammer wants to be the next Rudy Giuliani, and maybe – if all goes well – the next Ronald Reagan. Grammer, 56, who is a staunch conservative Republican, said that he is considering running for office once he's through with acting. "I have had a great career and extraordinary opportunities," he told the New York Post. "But I look at my political aspirations as that last piece of my life … where I hope to do something good for people and pay back a little."

The former, Emmy-winning star of Cheers and Frasier said the difference between being an actor and being a politician is not so great as it may seem. Both, he said, require a "narcissistic personality." "You certainly have to have a resilient ego," he added.

Grammer's ex-wife Camille, who is one of the stars of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, vouched for his qualifications and his ambitions. "Since I met him, he has always wanted to run for office," she told the Post. "Actually, he told me when I first met him that he wanted to run for president. This has been a lifelong dream for him," she said. She and Grammer were married for 14 years and often visited the White House when George W. Bush was president. "I believe if he is saying it," she concluded, "that he really means it."

Grammer did not provide specifics about when he would quit acting to pursue his big career switch. After leaving the Broadway revival of La Cage Aux Folles last February, he began work on playing fictional Chicago Mayor Tom Kane in a new drama called Boss, set to premiere this fall on the Starz network.


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  • GabrielaTilevitz
    GabrielaTilevitz on

    Kelsey Grammer would make a great mayor, despite the fact that he's a republican!

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