Claudia Conway, daughter of high-profile political figures George and Kellyanne Conway, returned to ABC’s American Idol on Sunday night for the first Hollywood Week episode.

Hollywood Week has always been one of the most stressful weeks for contestants as they’ve already proven themselves in their auditions, but now they have to prove themselves again, as they compete against the best of the best to advance to the next round and eventually live shows.

When Claudia stepped out on the Dolby stage, she even caught judge Katy Perry by surprise as she was sporting a new brunette look. Back in her audition, Perry told Claudia that she needed to “calm the storm that is around you,” a reference to all the media attention Kellyanne received when she was an adviser to former President Donald Trump. Claudia also made a name for herself on TikTok, often posting videos about her feuds with her mother. Both Conway women took a social media break after a nude photo of the 16-year-old was allegedly posted to Kellyanne’s Twitter account in January.

“I’m just drowning it all around and telling myself I can do it,” Claudia said in Sunday’s episode. “I’ve been trying to establish my own identity. Most people don’t know I’m a singer.”

Kellyanne enthusiastically supported her daughter from the audience as Claudia covered “River” by Bishop Briggs, which earned her a spot in the next round.

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