While promoting her new parenting book, Whoa, Baby!, singer Kelly Rowland was confronted by anti-fur protesters furious about her penchant for wearing for the controversial material. Rowland was signing copies of her book in New Jersey.

“This goes out to all the animals that were tortured and murdered so Kelly can wear their fur,” a protester said in a video captured by TMZ. Several protesters held signs with images of bloody animals.

The protesters began chanting, “Fur trade, death trade,” several times before chanting, “Kelly Rowland has blood on her hands.”

While the former Destiny’s Child singer seemed calm and unaffected by the protest at first, she became irritated after the chants suggested she was a murderer.

Security guards attempted to corral the protesters into a corner of the room but it was too late for Rowland, whom had already ducked away into another room.

Rowland has posted pictures of herself wearing fur to Instagram in the past, including this one from several years ago. One comment reads, “I don’t get how people still can wear fur! I liked you but I’m disappointed. Only heartless people can wear dead animals and don’t feel bad. Shame on you.”


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Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out (and Wonder What the #*$& Just Happened), the full title of Rowland’s book, is a guide to first time moms, like Rowland, who feel caught off guard by the vast changes their bodies go through during pregnancy.

The book was written in consultation with Dr. Tristan Bickman, an obstetrician, and Laura Moser, a journalist published in NewsdaySlate, and The Guardian.

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