Kelly Ripa revealed her broken foot on Live With Kelly and Michael on Thursday, revealing she injured herself in dance class.

Kelly Ripa Broke Her Foot In Dance Class

Ripa walked out on the set of her show Thursday morning on crutches, surprising the audience and her co-host Michael Strahan. Ripa joked that she had hoped she would be able to hide her injury, telling the audience, “This is my big goal and my hope. My dream was that nobody would notice. Like today, when you [Strahan] came in and you didn’t notice, I was like, ‘Oh, good! I’m getting away with it.’”

Ripa confessed that she broke her foot mid-dance class when she tripped over a weight, and, luckily, had her friend Rachael Harris with her to help her get out of the class and to the hospital.

“Somebody, I guess, either left it [the weight] on their mat or maybe kicked it when they were dancing. I don’t know. All I know is I did a jump – and in my mind, I am an incredible dancer, graceful as can be – and I landed on the weight and my foot went over and under the weight. It sounded like bubble wrap, you guys!” Ripa recounted.

Ripa said that, in addition to her broken foot, her X-rays also revealed she appeared ot have a “calcaneonavicular coalition,” a condition where her bones are too close together. She now has to wear a boot for six weeks and has been instructed not to put any weight on her foot for at least a few days.

Ripa made her unhappiness at the boot known, saying, “There’s a special shoe that you wear with the boot, but I’m not wearing that on camera. I think the boot is enough suffering.”

Strahan, always a gentleman, offered to “bedazzle it personally with my glue gun and some sparkles,” but Ripa declined.

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