Kelly Preston, 49, gave birth to her son with John Travolta, Benjamin Hunter Kaleo, in November 2010, and she is a big fan of breastfeeding the 16-month old.

"When I stop, it's going to be really hard on me," Casino Jack star Preston told People. "I love nursing so much. I love the closeness and knowing that I'm giving him the best as far as nutrients and antibodies. And he really loves it, too. He'll come up and point and go, 'Mama, more.' It's so cute!"

However, little Benjamin is starting to eat solid foods, too. Travolta and Preston, who let Benjamin share the bed with them, have their youngest on solid foods, as well. He eats everything from filet mignon, salmon, and scallops, though organic veggies are the staple. Preston swaps stories with gal pals Jenna Elfman and Laila Ali about raising kids in eco-friendly homes.

Preston and Travolta also have an older daughter, Ella. They lost their son, Jett, to an seizure-related injury in 2009.


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