Kelly Osbourne suffered a seizure while taping an episode of E!’s Fashion Police inside the network's building on Thursday after telling a costar she’s wasn’t feeling well.

“Kelly said she wasn’t feeling well, and then Melissa [Rivers] said, ‘Oh my God, she’s having a seizure!’ Melissa helped put her on the floor and then lay down next to her and talked her through it,” a source told the New York Daily News.

“She was taken to a local hospital for further testing and is awake, alert and in stable condition. She will be staying overnight for observation as a precautionary measure," her publicist said in a statement to the Daily News. Photos taken outside the E! Network building on Thursday show the Fashion Police host being wheeled on a stretcher into an ambulance covered in white sheets to protect her from photographers.

Osbourne took to Twitter to confirm the unexpected seizure to fans, and to thank them for their concern over her well-being. “Thank U all 4 UR beautiful well wishes yes I did have a seizure they are just trying to figure out why?” She also posted a picture of her tattooed arm with an IV in it.

Health issues seem to continue to plague the Osbourne family. Osbourne’s mother Sharon Osbourne survived colon cancer a decade ago, and her brother Jack Osbourne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2012. There’s been no word as to the cause of Kelly Osbourne’s seizure.

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