Kelly Clarkson has been granted primary custody of her children after a difficult legal battle with her ex-husband and heir to her former management company, Brandon Blackstock. 

Clarkson will be granted custody over both their young children. “The Court finds that under the circumstances present in this case, the interest in providing stability and continuity for the minor children weighs in favor of Petitioner having primary custody,” the court order read.

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The ruling also noted the combative nature of the couple’s relationship by saying “the level of conflict between the parents has increased” and that they “have a difficult time co-parenting due to issues of trust between them.”

The legal battle has not ended as, according to TMZ, Brandon is now seeking $436,000 per month in spousal and child support, along with $2 million in attorney fees. Brandon has already been granted the right to visit their children in Los Angele and video chat with them every day. Brandon will also be granted temporary custody between December 9 and Christmas, while being told to transport them back to their mother before New Years.

Clarkson, on the other hand, will also potentially owe equally large sums to Brandon’s father, Narvel Blackstock, who is suing Clarkson for $1.4 million in allegedly unpaid commission fees. The move came shortly after Clarkson’s divorce, with many speculating that it came as a form of retaliation over the deterioration of ties with the Blackstock family.

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