The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon challenged Kelly Clarkson to sing one of her hits backwards, and fans were not disappointed.


The pair started talking about Clarkson’s time judging on The Voice, and how she and the other three judges are very competitive. “They’re always quick to point out that they’ve all won. And I’m like, ‘so have I,'” Clarkson joked, referring to her historic win on American Idol‘s first season.

Fallon headed up the singing in the segment by belting out “A Moment Like This,” the song Clarkson sang when she won. Fallon continued by saying that Clarkson must know her songs forwards and backwards, since she’s performed so many times. He then challenged her to perform “Since U Been Gone” backwards, and the singer happily accepts.

The song becomes “Gone Been U Since,” and the crowd loves it. “Thing the here’s / Friends we started out / Pretend all was it but cool was it / Yeah, yeah / Gone been you since,” became the opening lyrics. Clarkson was almost the whole time she was singing, but pulled off the stunt almost without a hitch.

See the entire clip below.

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