Gregg Lohman, 36, the drummer for country star Kellie Pickler, 26, was reportedly seriously injured in a car accident on Kentucky's Interstate 65 on Saturday.

The accident involving Lohman was a pileup crash that was the result of yet another crash involving two larger vehicles that burst into flames. When Lohman slowed down because of traffic in front of him due to the wreck, the driver behind him crashed into the back of his truck, reports CNN. Lohman's truck then hit the one in front of him, which then hit the one in front of it.

"Yesterday, my drummer Gregg Lohman was in a horrific car accident and is currently in ICU," Pickler wrote on her Facebook page. "Gregg is not just my drummer, he is family. I believe in miracles and the power of prayer, so it would mean the world to me, my band, and Gregg's family if you would please keep him in your prayers. Thank y'all so much," she wrote.

The initial, fiery crash, killed six people in the same family, and two other people were injured in the pileup that also injured Lohman, but they were already treated and released.

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