Never Let Me Go actress Keira Knightley, 25, has called it quits from her British boyfriend, Rupert Friend, 29.

Five years after the couple met and fell in love on the set of Pride and Prejudice in 2005, they made a mutual decision to part ways right before Christmas. "Yes, they have broken up," Knightley's father, Will Knightley, told The Sun. "But that's the way things go, unfortunately. The only option is to get on with things."

After the movie proved to be a big success, so did Knightley, becoming the highest paid British actress in America and receiving an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Elizabeth Bennet. This created waves in Knightley's love life from the beginning. "Rupert hates the idea of being followed and photographed," a friend told the paper. "Keira partially had to accept it because of her rising profile. It affected the harmony in the relationship. The pressure took its toll, and both decided they should go separate ways. They will remain life-long friends."

Knightley is upset about the breakup, but is looking forward. "They were together for quite a long time, and it is always hard breaking up," Will Knightley said. "She's focused on her work." —KIMBERLY STEELE

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