The KEF Q350 bookshelf speakers aren’t a perfect audio solution, but they’re among the most capable options on the market.

KEF Q350 Bookshelf Speaker Review

A KEF Q350, the latest in the Q Series of speakers, spans 14.09 inches by 8.26 inches by 12.04 inches. Furthermore, one of the bookshelf speakers weighs nearly 17 pounds. The Q Series is characterized with impressive-looking machines. The Q350 continues this tradition, with a commanding aesthetic to match its impressive aural output.

As a member of KEF’s Q Series, the Q350 comes equipped with an internal Uni-Q driver array. Scientifically designed to exert the highest possible clarity, the Q350 specializes in its proficient bass. In fact, the Q350 can rival many competing speakers, some of which are more expensive.

The placement of the Uni-Q driver has been altered to minimize wayward disturbances. Similarly, the design modifications makes the lower treble more functional, supplying harmonious audio. Another enhancement with its ambience is with the new Computational Fluid Dynamics design. This migrates the speakers’ ports over to the back, where they’re less likely to suffer from leakage.

However, CNET’s reviewer noted how the package doesn’t come with any grills. KEF, instead, sells the magnetic peripherals separately for $20. It does come embedded with a “formidable tweeter cage,” however.

The Q350 costs $650.00. Additionally, audiophiles have the choice between black or white models. As everyone’s ears have a unique composition, everyone interprets sounds differently. With that said, while a perfect, universal audio solution doesn’t exist, the Q350 is an incredibly satisfying option that should easily appease most folks.

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