There is a luxury item for every enthusiast. For those who love sound, The KEF Blade Two Loudspeaker is the Porsche of speaker systems, a knife-like tower designed to deliver both high quality audio and elegance in a white polyurethane package. Crafted lovingly by audio engineers, KEF took a conceptual study in audio design and had unleashed it onto the market.

KEF Blade Two Loudspeakers Review

Standing 57.5″ tall, the body of system was designed by Eric Chan of ECCO design, it is slightly smaller than the original Blade Speaker System. The crown jewel of the system is the placement of the Uni-Q driver, comprised of a tweeter and a midrange. Frontally mounted, the unusual blade-like design of the speaker system also allows for the Uni-Q driver to emit sound waves with minimum interference. All four woofers are also placed equidistant from the drive, two on each side, in order to create a uniform sound field seeming to come from a single point. An additional bonus to the woofers are their sound-cancelling properties. By playing at equal and opposite magnitudes, the woofers counteract rumbling normally heard in a system, allowing for a more lightweight body.


It should be noted that this isn’t a plug-n’-play system; the Blade Two will need to be run through an Amplifier, a Digital-to-Analog-Convertor (DAC), and a finally a computer system for example, before being ready to go.


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Sound wise, Doug Schneider of SoundStage! claims that the hugeness of the soundstage and the overall clarity of the sound are features to be marveled at. While listening to Cowboy Junkies’ ‘Mining For Gold,” Schneider exclaimed that, “It was with the Junkies’ cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane” that I was able to zero in on the Twos’ unique abilities in sound staging and imaging. In this track, Timmins is at center stage, the lead guitar to the left, just a little behind her, and the drums to the right, much farther back. Most well-set-up speakers likewise put Timmins’s voice very solidly at center stage, and position the other instruments in the correct locations, but none I’ve reviewed has positioned the other instruments as solidly and tangibly as the Twos did.”

These are not amateur speakers; your one KEF Blade Two Speaker will cost you around twenty-five thousand dollars – but hey, that’s the price of luxury sound.


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