Keanu Reeves has returned to the public eye as his new film Replicas debuted its trailer at New York Comic Con.


Events about the film attracted hundreds of fan and media members Thursday night in the largest room in the convention at the Javits Center in New York City. Replicas, directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff, was acquired by Byron Allen‘s Entertainment Studios at Toronto International Film Festival last month.

Reeves plays William Foster in the film, a neuroscientist who attempts to play with time in order to bring back the family he lost in a car accident. Using modern medicine and technology, the doctor clones his wife and two children to make life return to normalcy. But normal is not the word to describe what resulted from the experiment.

“What William is doing – he has to start playing with their memories,” Reeves said the crowd. “He can’t have them remember the car crash or that they’re dead, so he starts diving into the data that he has in order to change who they are.” Reeves explained that what really attracted him to the project was the characters. “I think one of the major differences was that with all of this darkness and tragedy, there was the relationship of the family, and that was really different for me,” the actor said.

He joked that, though he often goes for parts in sci-fi films, he has never really been part of a sincere family on screen. “A family? I’ve never done that before!” he said to laughs from the audience.

Much of Replicas was filmed in Puerto Rico, which has been suffered for weeks since the landfall of Hurricane Maria on the island. Nachmanoff took the time to say that they would be doing what they can for hurricane relief and aid. “There’s such a talented filmmaking community down there that took such good care of us while we were filming, so we are doing whatever we can do support them in their time of need.”

See the trailer below.

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