He may have tried his hand at a variety of art forms — acting in drama, comedy, Shakespeare, and don't forget playing bass guitar for the '90s grunge band, Dogstar, but Keanu Reeves is now embarking on the rite of passage that faces so many maturing actors: directing.

Reeves, who turns 47 today, is in talks with China Film Group and Village Roadshow Pictures to direct Man of Tai Chi, a martial arts movie that Reeves also wrote and would star in, reports The Wrap. The film would also star Tiger Chen, who was a member of the kung fu stunt team in The Matrix franchise. Reeves would play the villain in the film.

Though Man of Tai Chi would constitute Reeves' directoral debut, he's not afraid of trying on new hats. Just last year he produced Henry's Crime, which he also starred in opposite Arrested Development's Judy Greer and Up In the Air's Vera Farmiga.

If you simply can't wait until production starts and ends on Reeves' new directorial experiment, you can see him in the upcoming Generation Um… and Universal Studios' adaptation of the Japanese film, 47 Ronin, slated for release next year.

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