Kaylee Rutland has released a six-song EP called That Side of Me and a new music video for her single, “Pick Me Up.”

Rutland, 21, explained that this album is a new venture for her because each song represents a different snippet of who she is. “All of the songs on the album are from different parts of of my life and they all tell very different stories, and so the idea behind that was that they all are a different side of me,” she told uInterview in an exclusive video. “Putting them all together on this project each show a different situation and story and I hope that when people listen to the album, that each song shows a different side to them too.”

While Rutland identifies as a country singer, she sees her music as more contemporary than stuck in a single genre. “I definitely have a contemporary country music, but a big part of it is traditional elements as well,” she said. “So I love, even if it’s a very upbeat modern song, throwing in a banjo or steel guitar or something that really keeps my music true to the country genre.”


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Rutland created a music video for her single, “Pick Me Up,” and said it was a challenge to complete the project, simply because of her busy college schedule. “Oh my gosh, it was crazy,” she began. “That morning I got up at like 4 o’clock and did two hours of hair and makeup. Drove to campus, ’cause I’m still a college student, and took final exams, and then I drove out to Lebanon, Tennessee, and we spent the whole rest of the day filming the music video. The morning beforehand was a process, but the actual shoot was so fun. The director Kristin Barlowe is just such a bright, bubbly energy, which was perfect because it was like 30 degrees outside and everybody’s like running around in the mud, so it really kept the energy and that attitude of everybody in the cast and crew really upbeat and excited to be there.”

Next up for the artist, she says, will be a music video for one of her favorite covers. “With the release of That Side of Me, I’m looking to do a music video for one of my original songs, but I also have a live performance cover video of ‘Rumor Has It,’ which is one of the covers that I put on the EP. And once I graduate, and even before then, just continuing to write and record new music and perform anywhere I can,” she said of her future plans.

As for any future collaborations Rutland is hoping for, she says she’d be happy to work with pretty much anybody. “Gosh, anybody and everybody that I can,” she said. One person in particular, however, stands out whom she’s worked with before but would love to keep doing work with – Jamie O’Neal. “She is a co-writer and producer of the That Side of Me EP. And just a mentor to me as well, as well as anybody that I can get together and perform with or write with. I know that Jamie is someone that I always look forward to working with,” Rutland said.

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