Married life is going just fine for Katy Perry.

“I think everybody feels different after they’re married,” Perry, 26, told Access Hollywood. “I think they feel completion. I feel good. I feel stress free.” She and new husband Russell Brand, 35, recently got married in an extravagant ceremony in India, but she was reluctant to spill any details.

“I made a promise to [Russell] and he made a promise to me and we have to keep that promise,” she said. “That’s one of the things that we keep private — our relationship." The outrageous couple wants to keep the spotlight on their professional, not their private lives. “We’ve just kind of taken a step back because we put so much of ourselves out there professionally,” she said.

Though Perry and Brand have been married for some time now, there's one aspect of married life that she's still adjusting to. Asked if she's used to calling Brand her 'husband,' Perry demurred. “No, I’m not!” she said. “And I still say ‘my boyfriend’ sometimes. But, you know, I’m working on it. Baby steps.”–AMY LEE

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