Katy Perry released a new single “Chained To The Rhythm” on Friday and posted a mysterious video message on her Instagram account. On the video, viewers see Perry’s feet in a high heels chained to a faceted ball with some notes of music. To mark the occasion, the singer has organized a worldwide treasure hunt for her fans. Faceted balls have been hidden in Europe, South America, North America and Australia.

Perry has posted a photo with faceted balls on a map, if you click on a glitter ball there is the name and the picture of the place. If you go there, you can find a faceted ball with a headset and listen to the single.


Une photo publiée par KATY PERRY (@katyperry) le

Some fans have already found the balls and posted pictures on social media. The general public will get to discover the song on the stage of the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

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