Forget a kitschy shot glass or key chain, Katy Perry got a different kind of souvenir after her latest visit to Canada’s Queen City – a scar. After performing at the MuchMusic Awards earlier this week, Perry let off some steam at a Toronto night club. But it looks like things got a little out of control – the singer was forced to go to the hospital and get 17 stitches on her leg.

"17 stitches later… Don’t make fun of my dance moves tomorrow," Perry tweeted later. "That’s what got me here in the 1st place! Thanks for the souvenir Canada." The injury hasn’t stopped Perry from promoting her latest single though, she appeared on the 104.5 CHUM morning show today in Canada and will be taping BBC’s Graham Norton show in the UK, to be aired June 28. –ELENA COX


  • ngarun
    ngarun on

    Ouch. Gotta give it to these celebs — I don't know how they manage to sing and dance in these outrageous costumes on a daily basis.

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