Well, now we know two things for certain: 1) Katy Perry is an insanely good gift giver, and 2) Russell Brand is an insanely lucky guy. The "California Gurls" singer recently purchased her fiance a Virgin Galactic ticket to outer space for his 35th birthday.

Neither Perry nor Brand has commented on the skyward present, but a Virgin rep has confirmed that it is, indeed, true.  “We are very excited to have him onboard,” Virgin Galactic’s Louella Faria told E! News. However, this is not a seat for two, as the pop star has yet to reserve a spot for herself on the shuttle (and we don’t blame her—seats on the maiden voyage cost approximately $200,000).

So what does will Brand’s gift entail? He will be launched more than 365,000 feet straight into the Earth’s atmosphere at a rate triple that of the speed of sound. Once off the planet and into the heavens, Brand and his fellow passengers will be able to unfasten their seatbelts and float around weightlessly for a total of five minutes before embarking on their return to Earth. Before the trip, though, the British comedian will have to under go two to three days of astronaut training. –Alex Santos Murry


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    That's so cool! But all that money for 5 minutes in space? i'm not sure if that is worth it…

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