After it was reported Thursday that Katy Perry was being sued by The Beach Boys for her new summer anthem “California Gurls,” the “Hot n Cold” singer took to twitter to refute the claims. "Just to be clear… no one is suing anyone," she tweeted Thursday night. "The press just loves to once again fabricate and exaggerate stories to get hits or sell papers."

Initially, it was reported that Rondor Music sent Perry’s label, Capitol Records, sent a letter demanding Mike Love and Brian Wilson, who penned the 1965 classic “California Girls,” receive writing credits and royalties from the success of the song. A spokesperson for Rondor later clarified saying, "There is no lawsuit against the writers or publishers of ‘California Gurls.’ We have established diminutive claim. It is up to the six writers and various publishers of ‘California Gurls’ to decide whether they honor the claim or not."

Wilson and Love have distanced themselves from the situation, though Wilson has said he likes Perry’s song. –ANDREW BANKIN

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