Katie Price says she’s in “agony” as she suffers from back pain after a boob job went poorly.

The 44-year-old former model had work done on her breasts following her split from fiancé Carl Woods.

This was reportedly her 16th breast implant procedure.

The implants have made sleep practically impossible, and she is considering having them removed.


Price was reportedly getting 2120 CC implants.

Price has had a wide variety of procedures done over the years, including a facelift, rhinoplasty, veneers, lip fillers and Botox.

Just before appearing on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015, she had a disastrous boob reduction that left her with a hole in her breast. Shortly after leaving the show, she underwent corrective surgery and had her implants switched out.

After her split from Woods, Price told fans on Instagram how she was “flattered” by the direct messages from men asking her out, but she wants to focus on work and her family. She noted that she’s exhausted with relationships at this point in her life and doesn’t need someone else’s validation.

Price initially rose to fame as a “Page 3 Girl,” a woman who poses topless in U.K. tabloids. She then explored modeling, singing, presenting and reality TV, making her well-known in Britain and the U.S.

However, after two decades in public life, Price is almost unrecognizable from the teenager who began modeling at the age of 16.

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