The newest episode of Scandal aired Thursday, which finally revealed that Quinn is actually alive.

The episode showed a flashback when Rowan abducted her from the QPA’s elevator and kept hostage. He was only planning to use her as a way to get his freedom, but staged her death when Olivia called his bluff.

In a new interview, Katie Lowes says that she was happy that Quinn is still alive, but also enjoyed seeing an episode that made tribute to her character. “It was cool to have that funeral scene, and go through all those flashbacks of Quinn through the years and how much she’s grown and changed, and then I got to tweet with all the fans who loved her, and I couldn’t say anything,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I was trying to be cryptic, and it was horrible. But it was so emotional. I was crying, because we have to say goodbye to these characters very soon. It was really nice to get an episode like that, a tribute to Quinn, this character that I love so much.”

Quinn’s situation remains unclear – even to Lowes. “I really think he’s so out of his element now,” Lowes said of Rowan. “I also think he’s pretty confused because until now, we’ve only really seen that Papa Pope only has one weakness, and that’s Olivia, and now he kind of has two because he didn’t kill her.”

Lowes expects captivity to bring out new sides of her character. “You’re going to see very quickly how well or not well she handles this life, but I think Quinn is very, very fierce, and she’s very loyal, and very tough, as we see in tonight’s episode yet again, and now she’s a mom so there’s a whole other level — and I can speak from now having my own kid — of mama bear that comes out when you have to protect your kid. I really feel you’re going to see the strongest, toughest Quinn we’ve known.”

Despite being abducted, Quinn and Rowan’s dynamic may change throughout the show if they work together to bring Olivia down. Lowes told Variety, “all the loyalties and family dynamics would unfold soon. I don’t think it’s like one we’ve seen on television before.”

As the series is soon coming to an end, Lowes hopes everything works out for Quinn in the end. “I’m such an optimist and a glass-half-full-person that of course I just want her gladiating awesome cases in the office with all the people in the office helping her raise her baby with some awesome recurring character who is a nanny who signs crazy NDAs. But I don’t know.”

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