For reasons such as their 17-year age difference and a shared belief in scientology, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have always been an unconventional couple, but apparently their parenting skills are a little unconventional as well. Suri Cruise has been constantly snapped by photogs since she was only a few months old, causing critics to accuse the couple of poor parenting, and Holmes recently revealed that their 4-year-old daughter is being home schooled.

"We have quite a schedule, you know?" she told New York magazine. "We don’t say, ‘When I’m working, you don’t work,’ or anything like that. Last year he was shooting Knight and Day and I was shooting The Romantics, and we’d just fly to see each other after we wrapped. And we home school Suri – she has a teacher who is with her every day. We like the one-on-one education. I’m happy that my daughter is strong-willed and determined. You really have to go with what the child is wanting."

Holmes acknowledges living in the spotlight is not exactly normal. "It must seem weird, I guess, having so many people watching," she admitted. But being in the public eye since she was 17 has helped her stay grounded. "You just, you know, smile and nod," she explained. –ELENA COX


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