Britney Spears danced; Gwyneth Paltrow sang . . . now what will Katie Couric do?

The CBS Evening News anchor will appear on Glee's post-Super Bowl episode on February 6. She will play herself. While the details surrounding her appearance are unknown, it is rumored that Couric will play opposite Cheerios Coach, Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), perhaps as a judge at a cheerleading competition. Couric herself is a former cheerleader.

Couric admitted that she was a Gleek in October. "It's something my 14-year-old daughter will actually do with me these days," she wrote on her blog, Couric & Co., "and we both marvel at how beautifully the show has tackled difficult subjects like being gay, death, single parenthood, teenage pregnancy, disabilities and faith to name a few."

This week's CBS News Sunday Morning will air an interview that Couric conducted with Glee star Matthew Morrison. –ISHITA SINGH

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