Kate Winslet has been announced as the next cast member for the female-fronted anthology series I Am, which features a different female character every episode and is written heavily in collaboration with each of its different stars.

Winslet’s feature-length episode will be titled I Am Ruth and is the first of the three new episodes announced in the series’ third season. She will star in the episode alongside her daughter Mia Threapleton, and filming is set to commence soon by the end of the month.

The series is written and directed by filmmaker Dominic Savage, but he consults with the stars of each episode to conceive the story together and makes use of improvisation while filming to enhance the realistic feel of their characters.

“It is a complete honor for me to be working and collaborating with Kate Winslet on this first film of the new series of I Am for Channel 4,” Savage told Deadline. “Kate is such a legend, such an incredible and sublime acting talent, and I can’t wait to start shooting this unique and important story that we have created together.”

I Am first debuted in 2019 to rave reviews on Channel 4. Two actresses, Samantha Morton and Suranne Jones have been BAFTA-nominated for their performances in I Am episodes: I Am Kirsty and I Am Victoria respectively.

Here’s a trailer for the first season of I Am, which displays the show’s signature shaky handheld style and some emotional performances packed in a short video.

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