Kate Upton will dress up in a sexy school girl costume a la Britney Spears for this week’s episode of Lip Sync Battle.


The supermodel appeared in a video preview for this Thursday’s episode, dressed like Spears in her popular 1999 song “…Baby One More Time.” Upton will perform the song for the fun lip sync show, and will face off against Ricky Martin.

“A lot of dancing,” says Upton on how she prepared for the episode. “I dropped it like it was hot, a lot.”

The preview shows Upton on all fours crawling up an aisle of students in a made up classroom. A quick clip of host Chrissy Teigen shows her surprised face with her mouth agape in awe.

Martin, for his part, is dancing on the sidelines wearing just a white button down and tighty-whities, so that is another sight to look forward to.

Lip Sync Battle airs on Spike on Thursday at 10 p.m.

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