Kate Middleton‘s perfect appearance after giving birth sparked conversation on Twitter.

Many people were impressed and inspired by her ability to look more than presentable just seven hours after having a baby.




Some thought it was too much pressure on the Duchess and even felt sorry for her.


Michelle Kennedy, founder of an app called Peanut, that connects like-minded mothers told Yahoo Style UK that people should consider the “pressures” the Duchess must feel in the public eye to be perfect. “While we all feel pressured by to ‘bounce’ back after birth, because this is what the media seems to tell us, the reality is somewhat different. Imagine then the pressures on the Duchess of Cambridge to appear to the world’s media,” she continued. “No woman expects that this is their reality; this is the reality of a woman who, with the support of a team, has certain obligations.”



Midddleton inspired other mothers to share their own less-than-perfect post-delivery pictures.


This is a picture of me that I took a few hours after giving birth to my third child, a boy. I’m posting it because of the slew of “here’s a picture of me after giving birth” pictures that popped up across Instagram last night (and this is not a barb at anyone), but these pictures got me thinking. Without waiting to sound like a nob, I (think I) look incredible in this picture, you would never of known I’d just pushed another baby out my foof a few hours ago. I wish I looked like that now. I don’t, said baby has sucked all my youthful glow. After a late night birth I was on my feet and made up that morning, to go to my sisters wedding. I’m not superhero, I am a woman. I often say with hindsight I wish I hadn’t done it. That I destroyed my own newborn bubble before the adrenalin had even worn off. But at the same time I wouldn’t of missed my sisters wedding for the world, even though she would never of expected me to be there. After my first birth, I remember dragging myself by my hands across the hospital floor to get to the shower because I couldn’t feel my legs. I was wheeled in a wheelchair to a bed on the ward, battered, bleeding and traumatised. With my second birth I didn’t even have time to get undressed, let alone get a hair out of place. After my third I was so so exhausted I sat in a puddle of my own piss for so long my feet went wrinkly. Nico was so quick and easy I didn’t need to get back on my feet, as I never got off them (continued in comments…)

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