Kate Middleton brought peace between brothers Prince William and Prince Harry at their grandfather’s funeral on Saturday.

Middleton, who’s described as the “family peacemaker,” was the first to publicly engage with Harry after Prince Philip’s memorial at St. George’s Chapel, accord British press reports.

As the two chatted walking back to Windsor Castle, they were joined by William. The three have not seen each other in over a year after Harry moved to the U.S. right before the start of the pandemic.

It’s been no secret that the brothers have strained relationship, especially after Harry’s bombshell interview with wife Meghan Markle last month. Meghan did not attend the funeral services as her doctors advised her not to fly as she’s pregnant with her second child.

William and Harry had their cousin, Peter Philips, between them as they walked behind the Duke of Edinburgh’s casket. They were also not seated near each other in the chapel.

Harry may be staying in the country longer than expected to privately celebrate his grandmother’s 95th birthday later this week.

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