Kate Middleton went into labor on Monday morning, arriving at the side entrance of St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington with husband Prince William. When the Duchess finally gives birth to the royal baby, it will be announced with a piece of paper on an easel.

The traditional announcement of the birth of the royal baby will significantly more lo-tech than the alternatives – Twitter and Facebook. When the baby is born, its sex, weight, time of birth and other details will be printed on Buckingham Palace letterhead and displayed on an easel behind the palace’s railings. It’ll be followed by a royal 41-gun salute. The official announcement will be placed on the same easel that was used when William was born in 1982.

Once the tradition is complete, palace staff will then make a more modern confirmation via the Internet. In earlier days, after the easel was set up outside of Buckingham Palace, a reader on the radio would inform the larger public. Of course, the first individual to learn of the birth of the heir to the throne will be Queen Elizabeth, whom William will call personally. Meanwhile, Home Secretary Theresa May will inform a number of officials, including the Lord Mayor of London and the Governors of Northern Ireland.

What’s not likely to be announced on the easel or in the initial announcement of the birth on the Internet is the royal baby’s name. William’s name – formally William Arthur Philip Louis – wasn’t announced until seven days after his birth. His father’s name – Charles Philip Arthur George – was kept from the public until a month after his birth. If a girl, it’s believed the royal baby will be called Alexandra, Charlotte or Elizabeth and George or James if it’s a boy. The baby’s title will be His or Her Royal Highness Prince or Princess of Cambridge.

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