Still think marrying a prince is all "happily ever after"? If you ask Kate Middleton, there are some lonely nights that come with the territory. Kate — or The Duchess of Cambridge as she is officially called — will make her first public appearance Wednesday while Prince William is away for six weeks in the Falklands with his RAF mates, meaning she will also be spending her first Valentine's Day as a married woman without her husband.

Kate has reportedly confided in friends that she gets down in the dumps when William is not by her side. “I don’t know how you manage. I miss William so much when he goes away," she told a marine pilot's wife in new! magazine. “He went once for four weeks and I missed him so much.”

But Middleton seems to have the right idea to combat her loneliness. By attending the National Portrait Gallery's Lucian Freud exhibition, the former art history student will be rubbing shoulders with some of the most elite names in the art world. The intimate, private viewing features Freud's most important portraits from the 1940s right through to the one he was painting shortly before his death in July 2011, according to the Daily Mail.

And Wednesday won't be Kate's only night out alone. Rather than sit home and weep over bonbons and The Bridges of Madison County, Kate will spend February 14 in Liverpool to support several charities, starting with The Brink, an alcohol-free bar linked to Action on Addiction.

Lesson: don't feel too blue on Kate's behalf. She's got this.

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