Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting to welcome to their first child on July 11, according to the official due date. Though the baby’s birth is right around the corner, there’s been no indication from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the gender of the newest royal.

If Middleton does deliver a girl, her birth is destined to shake up the British aristocracy, as it was just back in April that the Succession to the Crown Act was past. The bill’s passage now allows for a firstborn girl to be the family’s heir. This means, that should Kate give birth to a daughter, she will be in line behind her father William to accede to the throne as Queen of England.

Regardless of the baby’s gender, Kate and William have a clear idea of how they plan to parent the royal child – the way William and Harry’s mother raised them – as normal children. “William and Harry were very, very fortunate with Diana as a mother because her ideas were so different to the previous generation [of royals],” biographer Christopher Warwick said, according to Arabia MSN News. “The importance of this to her two sons have been enormous. William will want this for his children.”

Speaking about the Duchess’s upbringing, Warwick added, “Her childhood was pretty ordinary. She won’t want her baby to be the subject of rules and protocol before they need to be.”

It’s also been reported that Kate will likely follow in Diana’s footsteps in breastfeeding the child, which was not done in previous generations. Furthermore, Will and Kate have decided to seek part-time help instead of full-time help with the newborn, wanting to spend as much time with their firstborn as their schedules will allow. If the continue to emulate Diana, it wouldn’t even be a surprise to see the Duke and Duchess walking their kid(s) to school when they’re of age.

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