Kate Hudson might not be thinking about going under the knife for cosmetic surgery anytime soon, nor is she looking to get Botox injections just yet – but the actress has no problem with anyone who is.

Kate Hudson Defends Cosmetic Surgery

For Hudson, there are more important things to measure a person by than whether or not they’ve decided to get butt implants or another form of plastic surgery, which are decisions that some judge harshly.

"The negativity is just so vast. Will everybody stop being so damned judgmental?" Hudson said to InStyle. "If someone wants to go get butt implants, then sure, go get butt implants. The real question is, How do they treat the person next to them? Are they a–holes or are they awesome?"

More popular than the butt implant trend is getting Botox injections to prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles. Still blessed with a fresh face at 35, Hudson hasn’t gone that route yet, but she’s happy it’s an option for the future.

"Why not? Right now, it's not something I feel I need but I think it's great that it's available," she told Hello! Magazine. "The other day, my girlfriend called me and said, 'I'm going to get a little Boty.' So I think there's nothing wrong with a little Boty call if you feel you want it."

Hudson Talks Exes' Doping Scandals

While Hudson has no qualms about plastic surgery, she does see something wrong with professional athletes doping – including her ex boyfriends Lance Armstrong and Alex Rodriguez. “I personally think that you make the choices you make and you should reap the consequences,” Hudson told InStyle. “People have a right to [feel betrayed]. Lance and Alex are phenomenal athletes who have made some bad choices and let a lot of people down.”

Hudson will next appear in Zach Braff’s crowd-funded Wish I Was Here. Future projects include Rock the Kasbah with Zooey Deschanel, Bruce Willis and Bill Murray; Born to Be King with Ewan McGregor; and Good People with James Franco, Anna Friel and Tom Wilkinson.


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