Veteran soap opera actress Kassie DePaiva, who is a returning star on Days of Our Lives, revealed that she has been diagnosed with cancer on her website Wednesday night.

Kassie DePaiva Cancer Battle

DePaiva took to her personal website last night to inform her fans that she recently learned that she has leukemia, for which she has been receiving treatment over the summer. “I was asked back to play Eve on Days and had begun my exciting return. During the 3 week July hiatus I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and have spent 6 of the last 9 weeks in the hospital,” DePaiva wrote. “I will continue treatment over the next 3 months.”

In her message to fans, DePaiva revealed that her cancer is treatable that she’s expected to fully recover.

“My prognosis is good, I will not likely need a stem cell/bone marrow transplant, and we expect a complete cure. I consider this just a bump in the road. I have amazing prayer warriors, family, and friends that have been extremely supportive and life affirming throughout this,” DePaiva wrote. “I have a strong faith that strengthens me every step of the way.”

DePaiva explained that she was sharing the information about her health due to her character’s scheduled return on Days of Our Lives. She reassured her fans that once she’s strong enough to get back to work, she’ll be back to playing Eve.

“This has been a private matter but with Eve’s return coming soon I felt it was time to let my loving fans know what’s been going on,” DePaiva wrote. “The Days and OLTL family love runs deep. Although I’m unable to be ‘camera ready’ now… my goal is get back to stirring up trouble in Salem soon. Keep me in you thoughts and prayers.”

In her note to fans, DePaiva provided ways for people to become involved in the fight against Leukemia, including links to, and American Red Cross.

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